TIP #1: Pack Before We Arrive

You are paying for your move by the hour. If you can pack some or all of your goods before we arrive you will save money.

Of course, we are happy to help. We know there are times when packing before we arrive just isn't realistic which is why Goat Moving Systems offers packing along with your move. Remember that boxes and other packing supplies are extra and not part of your quote unless explicitly noted.

TIP #2 The Cleaner The Better

A storage unit, new house, or apartment. No matter the location it's important your stuff is clean. We are movers not maids. We will throw away some trash and wipe off some cobwebs but we leave the silver polishing to the pros. To save time and ultimately money, clean off your stuff. We will work faster and you will be happy that we didn't deliver the dust from your old residence to your new one.

TIP #3 Use Sturdy Boxes And Good Quality Packing Supplies

You can utilize the entire box but never pack your goods too tightly. Small boxes should be used for small items, heavy articles, records, and canned goods. Use large boxes for light items like bedding and linens. Dishes, glasses, and fragile items should be packed in small cartons or specialty dish packs. When packing fragile items start by lining the bottom of the box with sheets of crumpled paper; then wrap each item completely in paper and set it on top of the crumpled paper.

Continue until the box is 95% full and then top off the box with crumpled paper and close. Seal the box with tape and label on at least 2 sides with a room description and the word "FRAGILE".

TIP #4 Have A Game Plan

This one's for you bachelors out there. We are movers, not interior designers, we can't read minds, and we aren't going to be living in your new home. So know where you want your stuff to go before we get there. Have a game plan!!!

TIP #5 Throw Away Junk

When was the last time you used that treadmill? Post it on a reseal app and make some cash. If you sell something and the buyer shows up while we are moving your stuff, at our discretion we may help load it into the vehicle.